Voltage Stabilisers
10 November 2020

The production of static stabilisers ODYSSEY is proceeding apace. The ODYSSEY has been in production for some years now and it is establishing itself on the world markets, thanks to its outstanding technical characteristics and quality, which have always distinguished all our products.

When response speed becomes an essential requirement, for example for computers, laboratory equipment, test benches, medical instruments, CNC machines, etc., the static stabiliser is a must.

Our static stabilisers ODYSSEY are available for powers from 80kVA to 4000kVA, with input voltage range ±15%, ±20%, ±25% and ±30%.

The compensation of the input voltage fluctuation is managed by exploiting the double-conversion technology. The traditional regulating system is replaced by the converters, that generate the necessary voltage once the control system has detected an incorrect situation.

The main feature of such configuration is its fast response (<3msecs), which guarantees real-time correction and voltage steadiness on the load side.

The double conversion technology also ensures insulation from disturbances and distortions in the grid. Thanks to suitable electrolytic capacitors, high power loads demands can be met.

A 10” multilingual touchscreen on the front door works as user interface. By surfing the available menus, all electrical data can be monitored and setting parameters can be adjusted.

The interface is equipped with an Ethernet communication port, allowing remote monitoring via a dedicated «client» (on request). Communication with the control system can be established also via RS485 serial bus and Modbus TCP/IP protocol.