SAG compensator
06 December 2022

We are happy to share the outstanding achievement of the OxygenK 1600-15-50 model voltage sag compensator, which is specially designed to solve power quality problems that can arise at the industrial level due to voltage dips and fluctuations in the electrical infrastructure. This outstanding device was developed for a leading food industry based in Israel, and it is an achievement that makes us proud.

Voltage sag compensators: advanced solutions for industry

Voltage sag compensation is a key aspect of ensuring stable and efficient operation of industrial activities. The electrical infrastructure can experience voltage fluctuations, which can cause disruptions in production, damage equipment, and even result in significant financial losses. The OxygenK 1600-15-50 voltage sag compensator is specifically designed to address these challenges and ensure quality power to our important food industry.

The challenge of designing a high-power voltage sag compensator

Making a voltage sag compensator with such significant power was a challenge we enthusiastically embraced. While many people talk about being able to make such devices, we at Ortea Next prove that we really can. We are grateful to Power Optimization System, our valued partner and distributor in Israel, for their cooperation and crucial support during the course of this landmark project.

Oxygen: features and advantages

The OxygenK compensator is optimally sized to handle voltage sags with a maximum duration of one minute. With an extraordinary response speed of less than 3 milliseconds, the device is able to intervene promptly and effectively resolve voltage fluctuations. The energy required to operate the compensator is drawn directly from the power grid, ensuring efficient use of available resources.

All Oxygen solutions for industrial power quality

Current models in the Oxygen series are capable of covering voltage sags up to 50% of the nominal value, allowing significant compensation for voltage fluctuations. Compensation takes place on the primary winding of the buck/boost transformer through the use of IGBT static switches controlled by a microcontroller. This sophisticated microcontroller system constantly monitors the output voltage and determines the opening or closing of the IGBTs to ensure optimal regulation.

The double-conversion technology used in the OxygenK compensator offers numerous advantages. In addition to providing effective compensation for disturbances and distortions in the power grid, this technology also ensures adequate protection from external interference. The use of electrolytic capacitors contributes to machines that can handle high loads, ensuring stable and reliable operation in the food industry.

The Oxygen range of voltage sag compensators offers several options to meet industry-specific needs. The Oxygen 10-40 model can compensate input voltage with ±10% continuous tolerance and -40% compensation for 1 minute, ranging from 200kVA to 2500kVA. Similarly, the Oxygen 15-50 model offers input voltage compensation with a continuous tolerance of ±15% and -50% compensation for 1 minute, with power ranging from 200kVA to 1600kVA. Both models are designed to handle significantly large industrial loads, ensuring accurate and reliable voltage sag compensation.


  • Oxygen 10-40 with input voltage compensation: ±10% continuous and -40% for 1 minute from 200kVA to 2500kVA
  • Oxygen 15-50 with input voltage compensation: ±15% continuous and -50% for 1 minute from 200kVA to 1600kVA
  • OxygenK 10-40 with input voltage compensation: ±10% continuous and -40% for 1 minute from 200kVA to 2500kVA
  • OxygenK 15-50 with input voltage compensation: ±15% continuous and -50% for 1 minute from 200kVA to 1600kVA

Compared with the standard model, the OxygenK model is equipped with an input circuit breaker, an output circuit breaker, and a manual bypass line with an interlocked circuit breaker. These additional features provide greater operational flexibility and additional protection against system failure.

Food industry and energy efficiency

In conclusion, industry-wide voltage sag compensation is of paramount importance to ensure energy efficiency and reliability of production operations. The OxygenK 1600-15-50 voltage sag compensator, developed specifically for the Israel-based food industry, is an innovative and powerful solution to address power quality challenges. With its significant power, fast response speed, and ability to compensate for voltage dips up to 50 percent of nominal value, OxygenK ensures stable, high-quality power for the needs of the food industry. Ortea Next, together with the valuable support of our partner Power Optimization System, is committed to providing advanced and reliable solutions to meet the challenges of Power Quality in industry.