The Issue

In industrial and service sector electrical plants, there are many non-linear appliances: inverters, soft starters, rectifiers, welders, power electronics, non-filament lighting, presses, furnaces, etc.

These cause the deformation of the current with resulting disturbances and problems for the plant, i.e.:

  • early ageing of the components due to excessive heat and/or mechanical stress
  • unexpected load releases
  • electronic card failures
  • malfunctioning of sensitive equipment, like computers and numeric control machines
  • UPS reliability issues
  • power factor correction equipment and capacitive parts damage
  • annoying voltage distortions, which aggravate the issues listed above
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The solution

Activematic FA40 active filters are the solution to all these problems.

By installing one or more Activematic FA40 filters, you drastically reduce the current and voltage distortion and problems with the most sensitive appliances are eliminated.

These filters cancel the harmonic distortions in the plant’s current, first measuring them and then injecting the same currents but in inverted phase.

In this way, a sinusoidal current is delivered to the appliances with excellent power quality. 

In addition, the active filters enable power factor correction of ultra-rapid appliances, including single-phase or double-phase, and their load balancing with the following features:

What does an active filter do?

Compensation of the harmonic current

Compensation of the reactive energy

Load balancing

Flicker compensation


Without the active filter

Example of non-linear load harmonic distortions


With the activematic fa40 active filter

The harmonic distortions are compensated