Powersines ComEC by Ortea Next is a universal energy controller that can save up to 18% on the energy bill. It is installed downstream of the main switch and has the function of controlling and optimising the voltage supplied to the loads, generating immediate savings. It requires no changes to the electrical installation and can be easily connected to the power supply panels.

Voltage optimisation

The voltage supplied by the grid generally fluctuates in the range of ±10% and depends on the demand for electricity, the quality of the distribution infrastructure and the distance of the site from the power plant. Voltage fluctuations, especially overloads, often adversely affect the proper functioning and service life of electrical equipment, lighting points and all electronic devices.
By installing ComEC, the problem is solved through dynamic reduction of overvoltages and subsequent voltage optimisation.

Energy saving

Electrical equipment available on the market is designed to work at a nominal voltage and accepts a tolerance range around it. Typically, the voltage supplied by the grid is higher than the rated voltage of the equipment, resulting in inefficient use of loads and wasted energy. By reducing the voltage to the optimum minimum value, ComEC guarantees energy savings and a quick return on investment.

High reliability

Unlike systems based on solid-state components that require special thermal management measures, ComEC’s design ensures a high degree of robustness and can tolerate disturbed electrical environments, thanks to built-in protection mechanisms such as automatic internal bypass, manual bypass and output protection circuitry.

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