In the panorama of voltage stabilisers, Ortea stands out for the high quality of the products offered and the ability to customise solutions according to customer requirements. The same characteristics are also reflected in the range of small voltage stabilisers (1-150kVA), available in both single-phase and three-phase versions and with electromechanical or electronic technology.

These products are ideal for various fields of application, including residential, retail and small business. Many facilities such as shopping centres, offices and laboratories with sensitive equipment have chosen these solutions to solve the problem of voltage fluctuations that caused power quality problems.

Versatility and reliability even in small sizes

Ortea’s small-voltage stabilisers are designed to ensure reliable and stable operation, preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment and improving power quality and consequently energy efficiency. You can explore the full range of our voltage stabilisers by visiting this link: https://www.orteanext.com/products/voltage-stabilisers/

Guaranteed quality from the Ortea brand

One of Ortea’s distinguishing features is its ability to design and manufacture products in line with the highest quality standards. Whether for a residential installation or a small shop, we are able to offer robust and durable solutions thanks to our many years of experience in design and the use of first-rate components that translate into high product performance. These features distinguish and differentiate Ortea’s products, which are therefore appreciated by numerous customers all over the world.

Production readiness and efficient logistics

Ortea is production and logistically ready to supply large quantities of small voltage stabilisers, even for distributors all over the world. Thanks to an efficient internal organisation and an extensive distribution network, we are able to guarantee short delivery times without ever compromising the quality of our products.

Constant development at the service of the customer

In an ever-changing market, the ability to provide reliable, customised and high-quality solutions is crucial. Ortea constantly strives to improve and innovate in order to guarantee its customers excellent products and unparalleled service.