2 Oxygen for major plastics industry in Italy

2 Oxygen for major plastics industry in Italy


The customer is a major manufacturer of plastics for the agricultural sector, very focused on producing products with a low environmental impact.


The customer chose Ortea to improve the production and energy efficiency of one of its production sites in southern Italy. At this plant, the customer was experiencing problems with low power quality due to large voltage fluctuations and numerous voltage sags.
These events created numerous inefficiencies, including:

  • Unproductive personnel costs caused by the discontinuity of the processing cycle
  • Costs for irretrievably lost raw materials
  • Costs for damaged and/or malfunctioning machinery (repair, temporary rental)
  • Lengthening of production and delivery times

The customer, given the propensity for environmental sustainability of its company, has also expressed an interest in reducing its energy consumption.


After a thorough analysis of the production site’s electrical infrastructure, Ortea’s engineers identified an integrated solution in a single unit that could meet both customer’s needs: power quality and energy efficiency.

The implemented solution was to provide 2 Oxygen voltage sags compensators with ±15% voltage regulation and sags coverage down to -50%.
To meet the demand for reduced energy consumption, our Enersolve smart energy efficiency device technology was integrated into the equipment. The integration of this technology was possible thanks to the expertise of our technicians, who partially rewrote the machine’s operating firmware.
The remote monitoring of energy saving parameters, based on the ESPRO protocol approved by ENEA, is made possible by the installation of a gateway that, communicating with the Ortea XCloud platform, allows the customer to verify the savings achieved in real time.

The main technical features of the two Oxygen units installed are as follows:

  • Nominal power: 1600kVA
  • Input voltage variation: ±15% (-50% for 60′)
  • Output voltage accuracy: ±0.5%.
  • Bypass kit with input and output circuit breaker and interlocked bypass switch
  • Ortea XCloud Gateway
  • Dimensions: 5400x1400x2200h
  • Weight: 7600kg

In addition, the presence of a 10” multi-language touchscreen display installed on board the machine allows all machine operating parameters to be managed and monitored.

These technological challenges from the market enhance Ortea’s expertise, which, thanks to its many years of experience in the power quality sector, is able to integrate and combine different technologies in a single solution.
Once again Ortea proves that it can support the customer in finding the best solution, both technically and economically.