24 transformers for a data centre in Indonesia

24 transformers for a data centre in Indonesia


The customer is a world leader in logistics solutions.


The customer approached Ortea in order to avoid potential disturbances within its data centre in Indonesia, making specific demands also on the design of the required solution.


In order to galvanically isolate the system to prevent the propagation of harmonic disturbances in the network, reduce short circuit current and create a local neutral, Ortea supplied a pipeline of 24 isolation transformers.
The power ratings of the supplied products range from 23 to 135kVA, with voltage 415/415V, Dyn11 connection, K-factor 4 and IP31 degree of protection.
At the customer’s specific request, the transformers were designed with an output switch, temperature control unit and on-board probes.
The large order, including special requests, was fulfilled by Ortea, which once again demonstrated its reliability and flexibility in the production of even non-standard machines.