5 isolation transformers for an energy storage system (BESS)

5 isolation transformers for an energy storage system (BESS)


Our long-standing customer produces complete BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) systems, which include inverters, batteries and distribution cabinets. These systems make it possible to store energy from renewable sources (wind and photovoltaics) and make it available when needed.



Between these energy storage systems and the main grid, galvanic separation of the two circuits was appropriate in order to protect the inverter and batteries from any overvoltages and/or surges generated in the grid. For the customer, it was also necessary to transform the voltage supplied by the renewables (400V) into the operating voltage of the BESS system (typically 690V-480V).



Ortea’s solution is to introduce an isolation transformer into the electrical project, which performs both functions required by the customer.
In the field of energy storage systems, powers are increasing more and more, our customer in fact offers solutions on the market with powers greater than 1.5MVA and needs to carry out testing on systems of this size.
This is why it commissioned Ortea to design and develop a 1.7MVA isolation transformer with the appropriate functional characteristics for the required specifications.
The imposing size of this transformer is one of the largest manufactured by Ortea and underlines the design experience and manufacturing versatility as strengths to meet the customer’s requirements.
At the same time, the customer’s request was enriched with another 4 Ortea isolation transformers, with power ratings of 1.2MVA and 1.4MVA, to be installed in combination with as many energy storage systems.