6 ICAR Multimatic for a huge logistics plant in Northern Italy

6 ICAR Multimatic for a huge logistics plant in Northern Italy


The customer is a renowned logistics company, with a building used as an advanced logistics platform, one of the largest in north-eastern Italy (almost 200,000sqm covered, of which 140,000sqm for robotised storage, 65 loading bays).



The customer installed an 8MW system, a value that makes one think more of an industry than a logistics site. The loads are mainly new-generation lighting, inverter-controlled air conditioning, electronic equipment, and robotic handling systems: all substantially distorting loads.



For systems of this type, power quality is essential to guarantee absolute continuity of service. And it is not easy to achieve: the enormous total length of the cables and the consequent voltage drops, the sensitivity of many consumers, current distortion… issues that must be kept under control.

The detuned power factor correction offered by Ortea with MULTImatic FH20 with a detuning frequency of 180Hz, thanks to the generous sizing of the current harmonic blocking inductances, avoids the risk of resonances, which could cause amplification of the harmonics with a worsening of the voltage quality.

The delivery was 6 MULTImatic FH20 power factor correction units of 460kvar at 400V, for a total of 2760kvar.