7 Oxygen for a European airport

7 Oxygen for a European airport


Major international airport based in Central Europe.



Following a previous delivery in 2019, in which three Oxygen voltage compensators had been supplied, the customer, extremely satisfied with the results obtained and with a view to a project to expand the gates, decided to invest further in voltage compensator technology, ordering four more.



The voltage compensators, particularly distinctive due to their yellow metalwork – a choice made by the customer to ensure visibility – are a key element in the operational continuity of complex facilities such as airports. Once installed, they will make an important contribution to power quality optimisation by counteracting the effects of voltage dips.
This new order includes 2 x 500kVA and 2 x 320kVA Oxygen voltage compensators, equipped to handle input voltage fluctuations of ±10% and to compensate voltage drops of up to -40%.