Enersolve for a glassworks in northern Italy

Enersolve for a glassworks in northern Italy


The client company is a major glassworks located in northern Italy. The glassworks, a leader in its sector, is an example of commitment to environmental sustainability and the adoption of new technologies.



75% of the customer’s production comes from the use of recycled glass. To achieve this important result, also from the point of view of the circular economy and environmental sustainability, it uses a large furnace that works with electrodes that cause the glass to melt by forming an electric arc. In addition to being an energy-consuming technology (overall process consumption about 7gWh/year), continuity of service is very critical and requires a quality power supply that meets well-defined parameters.



Given the importance of maintaining high production levels and ensuring energy efficiency, the customer opted for an Enersolve solution. This choice not only provides estimated energy savings of between 3% and 4%, but also brings the system up to the parameters required for proper operation.

The solution selected is the 3200 kVA Enersolve ESL-10, with a number of optional extras that further enhance its functionality. This system includes input switches, an override bypass and direct selection of the output target voltage. The dimensions of the equipment are impressive, with a structure of 7000x1000x2300 mm and a weight of almost 60 quintals.