Enersolve for a large industrial laundry

Enersolve for a large industrial laundry


The customer is a large industrial laundry specialising in the sanitisation of workwear, including healthcare.



The customer expressed the need to replace power equipment located in the electrical cabin to improve power quality and energy efficiency.



315kVA Enersolve equipment was provided to solve the customer’s needs, but there was insufficient space in the cabin. Electrical energy efficiency is a relatively new technology, and existing facilities are often found without any provision.
Ortea engineers found a solution to this critical issue by offering the equipment in an IP55 outdoor configuration, giving the customer the option of installing it outside the cabin under a canopy.
In addition, since the power factor correction system was now obsolete, the Enersolve equipment was equipped with an integrated 70kvar automatic power factor correction system, allowing the replacement of the existing one.
The whole intervention also allowed for economic benefits due to the subsidized taxation of Industry 4.0.