Enersolve for a large Italian plastic moulding company

Enersolve for a large Italian plastic moulding company


The customer is a large plastic moulding company located in north-eastern Italy.


Large fluctuations in the grid causing problems for the presses’ operation and the green trend in general led the customer to select a monitored energy saving solution.


The customer’s purchase was made through an ESCO company in EPC, Energy Performance Contract, which specialises in this type of intervention.
Thanks to the savings of around 200,000kWh on an annual basis given by the inclusion of an Enersolve, the customer was able to reduce his investment costs to zero in a very short time.
The machine, an Enersolve ESL-10E (model complete with three by-passes, electronic, emergency and exclusion) of 2500kVA, intercepts the total power of the plant, subtended by a Mt/Bt transformer, via a 4000A busbar.
It is an XXL piece of equipment, in fact its dimensions are 5400x1000x2100mm with a weight of about 4900kg.