Oxygen for a gas turbine manufacturing company

Oxygen for a gas turbine manufacturing company


The end customer is a multinational company specialising in the production of high-power gas turbines that perfectly reproduce discontinued models, including those of third-party manufacturers.



The customer’s requirement was to improve the power quality of a blindo which is used to perform high-precision, long-lasting mechanical machining on large, high-value workpieces.



To improve the customer’s power quality, an Oxygen 320-10-40 voltage dip compensation unit was commissioned.
This is capable of compensating voltage dips as deep as -40% of nominal voltage, corrects voltage fluctuations within ±10% of nominal voltage in real time, and all this for a power of 320kVA at 400V 50Hz.
This is in addition to a 250-10-40 Oxygen that has been enjoying excellent results since it was installed in early 2019.