Oxygen for leading car manufacturer in Germany

Oxygen for leading car manufacturer in Germany


The customer conducts tests on electric motors for a leading car manufacturer in Germany.



Having power quality problems resulting in costs due to both inefficiency in the use of machinery and staff downtime in the electric car production plant in which it operated, the customer turned to Ortea to find a solution that was both efficient and in line with the technical requirements.



Preliminary analysis recognising various voltage dips in the customer’s system led Ortea engineers to design Oxygen K voltage dips compensators specifically for the customer’s needs.
Oxygen, thanks to appropriate dimensioning of power components and a remarkable response speed (<3 milliseconds) is able to compensate for voltage dips lasting up to one minute.
The supplied voltage dips compensators, with a capacity of 500kVA, are able to cover voltage dips up to 50% of the nominal value (-50% for 1 minute), and also stabilise the input voltage in the range of ±15%, with an output voltage accuracy of ±0.5%.
Unlike the standard model, Oxygen K includes:

  • Input circuit breaker
  • Output circuit breaker
  • Manual by-pass line with interlocked circuit breaker

The customer was satisfied with Ortea’s solution and is considering replicating the installation of this technology in another 4 production units.