Transformer for bottling line in Latin America

Transformer for bottling line in Latin America


A long-standing customer of Ortea, a multinational company that produces automated systems to meet packaging requirements in the food and beverage sectors.



The customer exports worldwide and has the recurring need to adapt its products to the technical and electrical characteristics of the various countries in which it operates. In this case, the country of destination of the system is Latin America, where the operating voltage is 460V instead of the traditional European standard of 400V for which these systems are designed.



Rather than redesigning the system by adapting it to the local mains voltage, it is undoubtedly more efficient and economical to convert it to the voltage for which the system is designed.
This can be done by inserting an isolating transformer designed to lower the voltage upstream of the system.
Considering the fact that this type of installation also requires a distribution board for the different lines, Ortea, with its many years of experience in power quality, has suggested an integrated solution designed specifically for the customer’s needs.
The compact multifunctional solution includes:

  • Isolation transformer, providing galvanic isolation and voltage adaptation
  • Input disconnect switch, to ensure maximum safety during maintenance operations
  • Output switches for the different lines in the plant (blower, filler, capper, etc.)
  • Digital input and output multimeter for reading electrical parameters

Designed and assembled with IP54 indoor protection rating, the solution is suitable for “critical” environments such as bottling plants (also available in stainless steel cabinet on request).