Energy Efficiency
27 September 2022

Awareness of environmental issues, commitment to improving sustainability, and the issue of energy saving encourage the installation of solar power systems.

Behind the numerous benefits, however, significant power quality problems are hidden; in some cases, these entail the intervention of protections and plant downtime.

The main ones are caused by the inverters installed in the system:

  • Changes in mains voltage. The inverters act as a current generator and tend, in some conditions, to make the supply voltage unstable. It’s no coincidence that the network operator makes it mandatory to assemble an interface relay that prevents the operation of the solar power system if the conditions are not compatible with those of the mains to which it is connected.
  • Degradation of the power factor. The active component withdrawn from the network is less with the same reactive component. As a result, the power factor decreases with the risk of encountering penalties in your bill and all the issues connected with a low Cos Phi. If the power factor correction system is not suitable, the presence of inverters may cause early degradation of the plant.

With the solutions offered by Ortea Next, you can resolve these issues.

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