04 May 2020

With reference to the global health emergency caused by Covid-19, ORTEA SpA has immediately reacted in order to install and adjust preventively protective measures according to the indications provided by the national Health authorities. Such measures aim at preserving and safeguarding ORTEA’s employees, avoiding the virus spreading among the population and ensuring business continuity for ORTEA’s esteemed Customers.

At the moment, although not spared by difficulties in provisioning components and raw materials, there are no indications whatsoever that might negatively affect ORTEA’s business continuity.

At the same time, we are confident we are protecting at the best the health of whoever might get in contact with ORTEA SpA, such as internal and external partners, Customers and Suppliers.

One of ORTEA SpA peculiarities has always been the attempt to offer efficiency to Customers and partners and to establish a network of consolidated relations, in which human rapport plays an important role.

In the immediate future, travelling will not be a possibility, but this emergency is teaching all of us a different working pattern by exploiting digital technologies.

To this purpose, ORTEA SPA is acquiring all the necessary knowhow to carry on these relations even from a distance by means of training initiatives and commercial and technical updating sessions.

Looking forward to shake hands once again as soon as possible, we would like to grasp the opportunity to pay tribute to the resilience of our partners and suppliers throughout these difficult weeks and we also thank them already for the their future support which will allow us to carry on with designing, manufacture and trade innovative solutions.