The manufacturing of 2 special detuned power factor correction systems MULTImatic FD25 has finally been completed. The two units will be installed in a large automotive plant in Southern Europe, where research and development activities for special tires are carried out.

The systems, each with a power of 750kvar/400V, have been fully tailor-made, in order to faithfully reproduce the two previously installed units they will replace.

Thanks to the indestructible bimetallized paper capacitors and the robust detuning reactors on board the MULTImatic FD25 (Fd = 180Hz), the harmonic currents of the system will not be a problem!

In fact, current is often affected by distortion in industrial plants. This can cause two types of problems:

  • stress on the capacitors on board, which tend to overheat due to the harmonic currents flowing through them, on account of their progressively lower impedance as harmonic currents increase
  • resonance with the MV/LV transformer powering the system. Resonance becomes more probable as the ratio between the reactive power (kvar) of the power factor correction system and the apparent power (kVA) of the transformer increases

To overcome these problems, detuned power factor correction systems are used. The detuning reactors installed on board must also be of excellent quality, as well as the capacitors. Our reactors are designed and manufactured by ORTEA, to guarantee the quality and reliability of the finished product. The reactors are calculated to obtain a detuning frequency of 180Hz.