Transformer Reactance
09 November 2021

The growing use of power electronic devices is causing an increasing level of harmonic distortion in the electrical systems, which is why energy suppliers require the use of harmonic blocking reactors.

Blocking reactors, together with capacitor banks, create power factor correction and harmonic current filtering banks.

This type of reactor is usually constructed with a magnetic core that can guarantee high linearity values even with large increases in current compared to the nominal value.

A detuning power factor correction system prevents any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between the capacitor and inductance capacitance of the electrical system.

By adding a correctly sized reactor to the power capacitor, a low resonant circuit is formed (usually below the fifth current harmonic) which prevents higher order harmonics from flowing into the capacitors and damaging them.

ORTEA’s blocking reactors are assembled with aluminium or copper coils.

To learn more about the standard blocking reactors offered by Ortea, download the POWER TRANSFORMERS catalog.