Transformer Reactance
10 February 2021

The first batch of a supply of reactors (55 units in total) to be installed inside fixed, 5 MVAR power factor correction systems, in order to block harmonic currents, is on its way.

Their function is to compensate the reactive power on 24 kV networks with an IGBT insertion system, thus a very fast – practically real-time – compensation system.

Although the application of these systems is horizontal for all those customers who use electricity with a medium-voltage connection, in this case the final customer is a producer of electronic parts for consumer electronic goods: computers, mobile phones, and peripherals.

Since 1969, the year in which ORTEA was founded, the magnetic parts (transformers and reactors) have been at the centre of its business and, thanks to vast experience and close collaboration with customers, the company has developed specific knowledge that allows them to produce reactors to respond to various problems that may derive from their great variety of uses.

In addition to this, one of ORTEA SpA’s hallmarks has always been its extreme flexibility, which enables the quick development of dedicated solutions based on the Customer’s technical specifications.

In particular, we produce the following for both indoor and outdoor use:

  • Three-phase and single-phase reactors
  • Reactors with iron or air core
  • Detuning reactors
  • Smoothing reactors
  • Blocking reactance
  • Inrush current limiting reactors.

All design, production and marketing activities are carried out at ORTEA SpA’s headquarters, thus ensuring continuous control and synergy among personnel involved.