Transformer Reactance
23 February 2021

The customer is an important bottling and packaging line constructor, the system is destined for a water bottling plant in Europe. It is a customised product that was devised especially for the needs of our customer.

It is a genuine distribution system that includes a 250kVA 50/60Hz Dyn11 (delta/star) isolating transformer in class H insulation, equipped with the following fittings:

  • input isolator
  • outlet system with 5 magneto-thermal switches (2 x 20A, 80A, 2 x 125A)
  • multimeters on input and output
  • indoor IP54 cabin
  • cooling fans

Since 1969, the year ORTEA SpA was founded, transformers have been at the heart of its business.

The design and production knowledge and experience that we’ve gained over the years allow us to offer high-quality, optimised and reliable products.

In addition to this, one of ORTEA SpA’s hallmarks has always been its extreme flexibility, which enables the quick development of dedicated solutions based on the Customer’s technical specifications.

All this is achieved through customised design and our guarantee to maintain the same high levels of quality for standard products.

All design, production and marketing activities are carried out at ORTEA SpA’s headquarters, thus ensuring continuous control and synergy among personnel involved.