Transformer Reactance
17 November 2020

The isolation transformer is an important element for the power quality of a LV system. Effective power quality in LV systems relies heavily on isolation transformer monitoring.

Installing an isolation transformer upstream of your network allows you to galvanically isolate the loads connected downstream of the transformer from everything upstream and, consequently, to protect them from disturbances affecting the mains, in particular transient overvoltages and conducted disturbances.

Isolation transformers are used in telecommunication systems, data centers, sensitive applications in terms of security for the community, such as military bases.

In those cases where the continuity of operation of the isolation transformer is a decisive factor, monitoring and, consequently, the communication of the parameters allowing to evaluate its state of “health” become relevant.

The following example relates to a transformer supplied to a State agency in the Gulf area.

We proposed and built a transformer equipped with:

  • Temperature measurement and control instrument with communication functions.
  • Probes for reading the temperatures inside the transformer and the ambient temperature.
  • Data transmission with Modbus protocol via RS485 port.
  • Protection by circuit breaker.
  • Monitoring of fan operation and status.

This solution will allow the customer to monitor the status of the transformer and to receive real-time information on the status of its accessories and alarms, in the event of phenomena outside its operating range.

A solution by Ortea for a very demanding customer!