11 January 2022

Enlit Europe, the new brand that combines European Utility Week & Powergen Europe, is a trade fair that aims to be a guide to the energy transition. This evolution is shaped by established players, external innovators, innovative start-ups and also end users. Enlit Europe aims to bring all of these communities together in order to seize current opportunities, highlight those of the future and inspire the next generation.

Ortea SpA could not be missing and, after the three days of participation in Enlit 2021, it is now time to take stock.

The companies that participated, undoubtedly of excellent standing, were for the most part related to the Ortea context from various points of view, including:

  • Internationalism
  • Energy transition
  • Customer portfolio
  • Indirect technical issues

Our sales team reports excellent ideas for possible applications of our Power Quality solutions in new market segments and numerous contacts with both potential customers and potential suppliers of innovative technologies.

Despite a participation “on tiptoes”, the assessment of these three days of the trade fair is therefore positive.

A separate chapter concerns the positive feelings reported by the entire Ortea Spa Sales Team which, after almost two years of the pandemic, only participation in a trade fair “in person” can arouse.