21 February 2023

Listening to the customer and their requirements allows Ortea Next to continuously improve the service level offered.

Production quality, attention to details, design, and reliability represent the added value of Made in Italy. All the Ortea Next solutions are devised, designed, produced, and assembled in Italy.

Founded in 1969, Ortea Next has accumulated experience and expertise that have contributed to continuous growth over time, until becoming an authoritative and innovative company in designing and producing power quality solutions on an international scale.

The certified Company Quality System of Ortea Next guarantees the reliability and longevity of the whole range of products, each of which is strictly controlled and tested.

The experience and expertise of the Ortea Next technicians assist the customer both in the design and service stage, ensuring solidity and reliability in researching the best solution.

To ensure innovative solutions, Ortea Next continuously collaborates with universities, institutions, and technological partners in researching and developing new products and reliable technologies.

In addition to standard production, Ortea Next is able to develop and produce complete and integrated solutions based on the specific needs of each client with extreme flexibility. Ortea Next is always at your service to evaluate projects and study customised solutions, assisting and supporting the client at each stage of development.