To mitigate the negative effects of utilities causing harmonic distortion, several solutions and precautions can be taken. Let’s look at Ortea’s response to the needs of a logistics company.

Supply of 11 power factor correction units for logistics facility: a case study for Ortea

ORTEA, a leader in power quality, has successfully completed the supply of 11 automatic power factor correction units for a prestigious logistics facility located just outside Milan. This tailor-made supply, consisting of detuned ICAR MULTImatic FH20 420 kvar at 400V and fixed MICROfix FH20 50 kvar at 400V power factor correction devices, for a total of 5070 kvar, has enabled ORTEA to ensure optimal power quality for the high energy consumption loads in the building.

Power quality challenge in luxury logistics

With an area of more than 150,000 square meters and 130 loading bays, this large logistics facility specializing in luxury products required efficient power management. The presence of loads such as next-generation lighting, inverter-controlled air conditioning, and electronic equipment, known to cause harmonic distortion, required the adoption of advanced power factor correction devices to maintain optimal power quality.

ORTEA’s advanced solution

ORTEA has responded to this challenge by supplying 11 automatic detuned ICAR MULTImatic FH20 power factor correction devices of 420 kvar at 400V and 9 fixed MICROfix FH20 power factor correction devices of 50 kvar at 400V. The MULTImatic FH20 phase shifters, featuring a detuning frequency of 180 Hz and specially designed blocking inductances, provide effective reactive compensation and significant reduction of current harmonics.

Power quality for assured service continuity

In such a facility, power quality is critical to ensure uninterrupted service continuity. Sophisticated lighting systems, inverter-driven air conditioning systems, and sensitive electronic equipment require stable, distortion-free voltage to function properly. With the automatic power factor correction units supplied by ORTEA, the risk of resonances has been eliminated, ensuring superior voltage quality and reliable utility protection.

ORTEA’s provision of automatic power factor correction units for this logistics facility in Milan highlights the company’s commitment to providing advanced solutions for optimized power management. Thanks to the use of high-quality detuned power factor correction units, harmonic distortion caused by energy-intensive utilities has been minimized, ensuring exceptional power quality and continuity of service.

Supply and photos by Franco Minetti/Novartecnica: excellent work!