Supply of 11 x ICAR MULTImatic FH20 detuned automatic power factor correction systems of 420kvar each at 400V and 9 x fixed MICROfix FH20 power factor correction systems of 50kvar each at 400V, for a total of 5070kvar.

The customer is a large logistics facility (over 150,000 square meters with 130 loading bays) specialized in the “luxury” market, located on the outskirts of Milan, a city where luxury is at home…

Big power plants (about 12MW installed) with great attention to safety, given the peculiarity of the “treated” goods.

The loads are mainly new generation lighting, inverter air conditioning, electronic equipment: all heavily distorting loads, requiring robust detuned power factor correction systems, such as the MULTImatic FH20, which are characterized by a detuning frequency of 180Hz, thanks to the generous dimensioning of their harmonic current detuning chokes.

Power quality is crucial to guarantee absolute continuity of service to this kind of plants. And this goal is not easy to reach: the huge total length of the cables and the consequent voltage drops, the sensitivity of many users, harmonic currents … all issues that must be kept under control. Detuned power factor correction sytems avoid the risk of resonances, which could cause an amplification of the #harmonics, with a consequent deterioration of the power quality.