Power Quality
23 November 2021

Ortea’s many years of experience in the field of voltage stabilisers and power factor correction has led to an innovative solution: the integration of power factor correction banks directly into the voltage stabiliser cabin. This option, available as standard for Sirius Advance and as an option for Orion Plus and Sirius, offers numerous advantages in terms of performance and convenience.

Ortea’s Customised Power Factor Correction Design

Ortea’s engineers have used their expertise in the design and manufacture of both types of equipment to create a tailor-made power factor correction solution, fully developed in-house. This approach allows for optimised dimensioning, ensuring maximum system efficiency and performance.

Single and Three Phase Power Factor Correction Banks

Ortea offers power factor correction banks with different capacities to meet the needs of various applications. In the 80kVA to 320kVA range, single-phase, high-density metallised polypropylene capacitors are used. These capacitors guarantee excellent operational stability and a high level of reliability.

However, when switching to higher loads, from 400kVA upwards, Ortea’s engineers use three-phase capacitors of the same type. This choice gives greater robustness to the system and allows higher powers to be handled more efficiently.

Maximising Available Active Power

The integration of power factor correction banks in the voltage stabiliser cabin brings numerous benefits. One of the most significant of these is the increase in the power factor of the load, thus ensuring maximum available active power. This results in a stabilised load with lower energy losses, contributing to greater overall system efficiency.

Blocking Reactor for Optimal Power Quality

In stabilisers above 1000kVA, Ortea adopts an additional solution to ensure excellent power quality: the installation of a blocking reactor. This component plays a crucial role in protecting capacitors from damage caused by harmonics generated by non-linear loads. The addition of the surge reactor further increases the power quality of the entire system.

An Integrated Approach for Cost Savings

One of the distinguishing features of this integrated power factor correction solution is the cost savings achieved. Prior to the introduction of this option, customers had to manage two separate orders for the purchase of a voltage stabiliser and a power factor correction bank, as well as coordinating the respective installations. The integration of these two functionalities within the stabiliser cabinet greatly simplifies the process, reducing costs and simplifying operations for the customer.

The combination of technical expertise, innovation and customised design has led Ortea to develop integrated power factor correction solutions for voltage stabilisers, ensuring a highly efficient and reliable system. Thanks to this integration, customers can enjoy all the benefits of power factor correction and voltage stabilisation in a single package, thereby optimising system performance and improving the quality of the power delivered.