Voltage Stabilisers
15 October 2020

When dealing with “big” stabilizers, such as these two 3200kVA SIRIUS, also their dimensions and weights are “big”: each box measures 6500x2160x2770mm and weighs 14.600kg. As a consequence, also the loading operations require the use of extra-large cranes.

Since we are talking about numbers, here are those relating to these two 3200kVA SIRIUS with ± 20% input voltage range:

• Power rating: 3200kVA \ • Input voltage: 400V ± 20% \ • Output voltage: 400V ± 0.5% \ • Rated current: 4619A \ • Max input current: 5774A \ • Dimensions: 6200x2000x2400 mm \ • Weight: 12.600 kg

Our top-of-the-range model SIRIUS is available from 60kVA up to 6000kVA and with different input voltage ranges: ±10%, ±15%, ±20%, ±25%, ±30%, +15/-35% and +15/-45%.

The stabilization, performed on the true RMS value, is carried out by a two-way DSP-microprocessor under the supervision of a second “bodyguard” microprocessor, operating with a software which has been developed specifically for ORTEA.

The columnar variable autotransformer with rollers (ORTEA design – without sliding contacts, which are subject to heavy wear & tear) is solid and very reliable.

The user interface is a multilingual 10” touch panel equipped with RS485 port. The display shows all the electric parameters (voltage, current, active power etc.), the information regarding the operating modes (power on; voltage regulation limits; increase/decrease of voltage regulation etc.) and the alarms (minimum and maximum voltage, maximum current, overtemperature, etc.).