Voltage Stabilisers
20 March 2023

Safety, reliability and efficiency represent three critical challenges to which the entire fertilizer production sector must provide answers.

A large production plant located in Ghana relied on our proven expertise in voltage stabilizers and large automatic power factor correction systems to solve its complex power quality problems caused by wide input voltage fluctuations and significant reactive power absorption from the grid.

To meet the stringent space requirements and the need for fast installation, we proposed our Sirius Advance solution, which integrates a powerful voltage stabilizer (output accuracy ±0.5%) with an automatic power factor correction system, that significantly reduces reactive power draw from the grid, resulting in double cost savings.

The supplied voltage stabilizer has a power rating of 1600kVA with ±25% input voltage variation and is housed in a 6000x1400x2200h mm cabinet.

The Sirius Advance range of voltage stabilisers significantly increases a system’s power quality since it combines the voltage stabilization function with power factor correction.

Moreover, Sirius Advance, top of the range of the Ortea Next series of voltage stabilizers, has a multilingual, 10-inch touch display user interface, and is supplied already equipped with the “total protection kit” that comprises:

  • Input automatic circuit breaker.
  • By-pass switch with interlocked automatic circuit breaker.
  • Output motorized interlocked automatic circuit breaker.

Our top-of-the-range model Sirius Advance is available as standard from 60kVA up to 4000kVA and with different input voltage ranges: ±15%, ±20%, ±25%, ±30% adjustment.

Control and stabilization, performed on the true RMS value, is carried out by a two-way DSP-microprocessor under the supervision of a second “bodyguard” microprocessor, operating with a software which has been developed specifically for Ortea Next.

The columnar variable autotransformer with rollers (Ortea design – without sliding contacts, which are subject to heavy wear & tear) is solid and very reliable.

The user interface is a multilingual 10” touch panel equipped with RS485 port. The display shows all the electric parameters (voltage, current, active power etc.), the information regarding the operating modes (power on; voltage regulation limits; increase/decrease of voltage regulation etc.) and the alarms (minimum and maximum voltage, maximum current, overtemperature, etc.).

A panel with the reactive power regulator RPC8BGA is installed to manage the power factor correction part. Designed to provide the desired power factor, while minimizing the wear and tear of capacitor banks, are accurate and reliable in measuring and control and easy to install.