SAG compensator
22 September 2020

The commissioning of a sag compensator Oxygen 320-10-40 has been completed.

This model is able to compensate for voltage sags up to -40% and to regulate in real time voltage fluctuations within ±10% of the rated voltage: all this for a power of 320kVA at 400V 50Hz.

The end customer is a multinational company specialized in the production of large-scale gas turbines, perfectly reproducing models that are no longer in production, even from third-party manufacturers. This great engineering capacity allows generating plants to be kept alive which otherwise should to be rebuilt.

The newly installed Oxygen will improve the Power Quality of a busbar, to which machines performing high-precision and long-lasting mechanical works on large and costly pieces are connected.

This new Oxygen will be added to a 250-10-40, which has already been appreciated for the excellent results obtained since it was installed at the beginning of 2019.