18 January 2022

Ortea SpA has adopted a certified corporate Quality System, which, inter alia, envisages that all equipment produced is subjected to extensive testing.

In certain cases, especially for large solutions, the customer requests to carry out the tests with the presence of a technician. This procedure is universally known as FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

Ortea SpA exports its solutions all over the world, and in this pandemic period when travel can be a problem, it has become necessary to find a solution to perform such testing. Thanks to modern technology, FATs can be performed online, using video cameras and simple teleconferencing software.

In this case, the machine to be tested was a voltage stabiliser for an end customer located in a sub-Saharan African country. We cannot help but dedicate a few lines to this extra-large solution: a Sirius 2000kVA digital voltage stabiliser with ±35% output regulation, complete with total protection kit, weighing 11100kg and measuring 7000x1600x2000mm, made in two separable splits to facilitate shipment and placement in the destination premises.

Thanks to the videoconference connection and to the portable video camera, the customer was able to follow all the tests foreseen (lasting approx. 5 hours) step by step and, at the end, sign its acceptance directly by sharing the documentation produced.