Voltage Stabilisers
16 February 2021

This Orion Plus, 630kVA voltage stabiliser with ±15% regulation, will improve the Power Quality on a ship’s propulsion power supply.

Its placement in particularly aggressive conditions has led to a series of design features.

The enclosure is equipped with C3 anti-corrosion paint (based on the ISO12944 standards) to counteract deterioration owing to salt and produced with protection rating IP23, i.e. it is protected from water sprayed with an angle of less than ±60°. The “seismic dampers” serve to absorb mechanical vibrations and stresses that derive from the ship’s movement.

The ORION PLUS model is a three-phase electro-mechanical stabiliser available in standards for different ranges of input voltage fluctuation (±10%, ±15%, ±20%, ±25%, ±30%, +15%/-35% and +15%/-45%), and for a wide range of powers (from 30kVA to 2000kVA).

Beyond the production standard, ORTEA SpA is able to develop and produce special equipment with great flexibility according to the user’s “specifications” thanks to the experience we’ve gained over numerous years of applied technological development.

ORTEA SpA, with its brands ORTEA, ICAR, and ENERSOLVE, offers a unique range of products and services for Energy Quality and Energy Efficiency of low-voltage electrical networks: voltage stabilisers, sag compensators, power factor correction systems, transformers, reactors, and active harmonic filters.