Voltage Stabilisers
07 September 2021

Remotely monitoring functionality and parameters of an equipment is a requirement demanded by an increasingly IOT-oriented market.

Thus was born Ortea XCloud, Ortea’s new platform for remote voltage stabilizer monitoring. It replaces and surpasses “Stabimon,” the first monitoring software designed and implemented more than a decade ago by Ortea. Ortea XCloud is available for Sirius.

Key Components of Ortea XCloud: Edge and Cloud Platform

The system consists of the Edge component, an ARM Linux gateway installed onboard the machine, and the Cloud platform.

The Edge component communicates with the unit through industrial protocols, constantly acquiring operating parameters and generating telemetry through intelligence that can vary the sampling rate based on the state of the machine. The collected information is immediately saved on the gateway, which is able to historicize it locally for a period of two months in case of lack of connectivity with the cloud. When connectivity is restored they will be immediately sent all together.

Advanced Monitoring Features

The gateway on-board application can generate alarms on the status of the connection to the cloud and stabilizer, based on the values of the collected alarm measurements. Data received from the cloud platform is processed by a rules engine to generate Real Time alarms, send email notifications, and historicize telemetry and alarms in the database.

Data Visualization and Lifecycle Management with Ortea XCloud

The cloud platform displays telemetry about the measurements collected from each machine in the form of a time series, allowing the user to analyze behavior and compare different measurements on the same graph. It also manages the entire life cycle of the machine and gateway, from installation to replacement in case of failure.

Benefits of Electrical Plant Monitoring

Ortea Cloud makes it possible to remotely monitor electrical and temperature quantities, view active and historical alarms, and produce multifunctional graphs. This enables the operator to produce accurate analyses of the operation of their plant.

Accessibility and Functionality of the Ortea XCloud Dashboard

Once logged in, an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard appears with the stabilizer, or stabilizers if more than one, active in the cloud. The platform is available to both the end customer and any person responsible for running the plant.

Ortea XCloud Options and Pricing: Versions and Subscriptions

Ortea XCloud is offered in two versions: the basic version (Ethernet) or the basic+modem version. Access to the platform is free for the first year with no additional costs for software licenses and upgrades. Thereafter, a renewal via annual or three-year fees will be required.