The customer is a large Italian pasta company that has implemented a new project for two production lines located in North Africa. The plant is powered by four transformers split between the two lines. Each transformer has a parallel emergency line fed by generators to be used in the event of a power failure. For logistical reasons, the customer wanted a single piece of equipment for each line, which, in addition to stabilising the voltage for both transformers with the relevant circuit breakers, would also have the motorised drive part on board for switching from mains power to emergency-line power, using the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) system.

The solution designed by Ortea’s engineers is an equipment assembled in a single cabinet consisting of two 1600 kVA Sirius stabilisers, with ±15% input regulation, including all the drives.

Ortea’s production then created the “Sirius two-in-one” to be installed on each of the two lines. To facilitate shipping, handling and installation they were shipped in multiple parts.

Ortea has always been able to design and build special equipment to meet customer’s requirements, often helping them in the design phase and adapting its solutions to any plant and logistics situation.

The Sirius range is available for powers ranging from 60 to 6000kVA, with ±10%, ±15%, ±20%, ±25%, ±30%, +15/-35%, and +15/-45% adjustment. The control logic is managed by two DSP microprocessors (one that implements the control and the other that manages the measurements) that stabilise the output voltage, adjusting the true-RMS (root mean square) thereof. The whole system is supervised by a third (bodyguard) microprocessor that checks the correct operation of the other microprocessors