09 August 2022

Ortea Next evolves from the pure sale of a product to the concept of ‘servitisation’ through a business model overhaul. Servitisation is no longer an accessory to the sale of a product, but becomes the central element of the offering itself.

Servitisation in Ortea Next’s Business Model

In this new approach, Ortea Next moves from a product-centric vision to an integrated supply of goods and services. The concept of servitisation radically transforms the way the company presents itself and interacts with its customers.

Synergy and Innovation in the Ortea Next Team

The Service BU manager and the new IoT service manager have already started working in synergy to concretely implement this new paradigm. Their joint effort aims to bring significant innovations to the way Ortea Next offers its services.

New Management Frontiers: The Purchase of the Asset Management Platform

Recently, Ortea Next signed an agreement to purchase an Asset Management System platform, crucial for the planning and operational management of its service portfolio. This platform represents a fundamental step in the servitisation process.

Enhancing Customer Service with the Asset Management Platform

The platform not only manages all the company’s assets, but also offers customers the possibility of activating service tickets, greatly enhancing the end-user experience.

Ortea XCloud and Artificial Intelligence

The next strategic step for Ortea Next will be interfacing with the future Ortea XCloud platform. This new platform, enriched with machine learning functions, will automatically open service tickets if equipment is in a less than ideal condition.

The Intelligent Future of Ortea Next

Ortea Next is shaping a future where technology and intelligent services come together to create an unprecedented customer experience. By servitising and integrating advanced systems such as Asset Management and Ortea XCloud, the company is positioning itself as an innovative leader in its field.