Compliance with Authority regulations to avoid bill penalties and the risk of disconnection from the grid

To ensure proper operation of industrial plants and comply with current regulations, it is essential to adopt power factor correction solutions and power factor correction devices that comply with the Energy Regulatory Authority’s requirements. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in bill penalties and even the risk of disconnection from the grid. To avoid these issues, our company offers state-of-the-art solutions that ensure full regulatory compliance.

Cost-efficiency through energy efficiency

The implementation of rephasing and power factor correction systems brings significant economic benefits to companies. First, due to the elimination of bill penalties, energy costs can be reduced and competitiveness improved. In addition, the adoption of these solutions leads to a reduction in the size of power components such as transformers, cables, busbars, switchgear and protection devices, resulting in savings in installation and maintenance costs. In addition, by optimizing energy efficiency, the lifespan of these components is extended, reducing replacement work and the associated economic burden.

Energy efficiency for an optimized electrical system

Power factor correction plays a key role in optimizing energy efficiency both at the level of users’ electrical systems and the entire power grid. By reducing “unnecessary” inductive currents required by loads, rephasing lightens the load on the power grid, both in generation and transmission and distribution. This helps reduce energy losses, improving overall system efficiency. 

Our power factor correction systems make an important contribution to energy efficiency, enabling optimal use of electricity and reducing waste.

Power quality and reduction of voltage drops

ower factor correction not only improves energy efficiency, but also contributes to the quality of the power delivered. By reducing voltage drops along lines, our power factor correction solutions ensure a more stable and reliable distribution of electricity. In addition, judicious selection of power factor correction devices reduces the risk of resonance, which can cause high current distortions.

Transformer load reduction and prevention of voltage distortion

In cases where plants are supplied with medium-voltage (MV) power, the implementation of power factor correction makes it possible to reduce the kilovoltage load (kVA) of the transformer. This has many advantages, including reducing the risk of voltage distortion. When a MV/LV transformer is overloaded, its secondary voltage can be significantly distorted, causing inconvenience to the low-voltage loads connected to it. With our power factor correction systems, it is possible to balance the load on the transformer, keeping the voltage stable and minimizing distortion.

Customized energy efficiency solutions

At our company, we offer customized power factor correction and power factor correction solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our team of experts carefully analyzes the existing electrical system, evaluating inductive loads and proposing the best power factor correction configuration. We are committed to providing effective solutions that optimize energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve the quality of power delivered.

Environmental benefits of power factor correction

In addition to economic and technical benefits, rephasing also contributes to the reduction of environmental impact. By reducing inductive currents and improving overall energy efficiency, the demand for electricity from generation sources is reduced. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a positive contribution to environmental sustainability. Investing in rephasing solutions not only brings business benefits, but also greater responsibility to the environment and sustainable energy future.

Consulting services and technical assistance

In addition to supplying high-quality power factor correction systems and power factor correction devices, we also offer consulting and technical support services to support our customers throughout the process. Our experts are available to provide customized advice, assess the energy efficiency of existing systems, conduct performance analyses, and ensure proper installation and configuration of power factor correction devices. We are here to help companies maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and ensure optimal operation of their plants.

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